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The Curbside platform provides retailers an ideal mobile commerce experience for their brick and mortar stores. Find out how different retailers leveraged the platform to meet their specific needs.

Mobile Commerce

Curbside CONNECT™, seamlessly plugs into retailer iOS and Android devices with an e-commerce site to match providing customers with a new way to shop. Give customers access to local pricing and deals with up-to-date inventory information so they can conveniently buy and get what they need within an hour at stores.

CVS Pharmacy Customer Testimonial
Curbside technology is a game-changer.—Helena Foulkes, President, CVS Pharmacy

Drug stores

CVS leveraged the entire Curbside platform, which made it easy for CVS to launch their buy online and pickup program from eight pilot stores to 4000+ store locations nationwide, within six months—now fully managing the entire experience, from online commerce to in-store fulfillment.

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In-Store Fulfillment

Curbside FULFILL™ streamlines order management workflow through the Curbside Merchant Console, ensuring store associates fulfill within the SLA communicated to customers and also an opportunity to delight them by walking out with order in hand just as they arrive.

Sephora Customer Testimonial


Sephora launched their BOPIS program and was concerned about the impact it would have on existing store operations. However, the Sephora team was able to quickly perfect the in-store fulfillment process by leveraging Curbside FULFILL™ without over-burdening their cast members.

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Curbside Pickup Pod

Accurate Arrival Detection

With ARRIVE™, shoppers are notified when their order is ready for pickup, try-on, take-out or delivery in about an hour. As they approach, store staff are notified enabling a smooth transition.

Shopping Malls

With Curbside ARRIVE™, Westfield and GGP deliver a premium shopping experience for their retailers every time by knowing when their shoppers arrive so they can be on their way in less than a minute with their order in hand.

Westfield and GGP Customer Testimonial

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Engage with On-The-Go Shoppers

Smartphones are changing buying habits, moving shoppers from purchasing on e-commerce sites to a mobile only experience. Curbside ENGAGE™ is bringing these on-the-go shoppers back to brick and mortar stores.


Directly target shoppers when they’re actively in-market to buy through Curbside hosted “buy buttons” on Yelp and other consumer favorite apps.

Yelp Flipp Ibotta

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