Curbside Arrival Detection Solution

The Curbside SDK notifies your store associates when customers are approaching retail locations.

The end-to-end hosted solution uses predictive analytics to deliver a scalable alerting system with reliability beyond what geofences and beacons can deliver.

Easily Add Arrival Detection Functionality
into your App with Curbside’s SDK

  • reliable

    Notifies as your customers approach, every time

  • accurate

    Does not require bluetooth to be turned on

  • efficient

    90% more battery efficient than GPS, won’t drain battery

  • secure

    Curbside maintains rigorous data security standards and is PCI DSS compliant

  • scalable

    Handles millions of customer arrivals per day

  • Cost-effective

    No need to build kiosks or deploy hardware at stores

  • effortless

    Drop into your app with a few lines of code

Simple to integrate

See an example of how to integrate the SDK into your applications with just a few lines of code and start detecting when your customers are approaching the store.

Set up a customer device to report arrivals

              [CSMobileSession currentSession].trackingIdentifier = unique_customer_id;
              CSUserStoreRegion *storeRegion = [[CSUserStoreRegion alloc] initWithStoreIdentifier:storeID orderIDs:orderIDs];
              [[CSTracker sharedTracker] startTrackingUserStoreRegion:storeRegion error:&error]

Subscribe a device in a store to receive alerts

              [CSStoreOpsSession currentSession].trackingIdentifier = unique_associate_id;
              CSStoreRegion * storeRegion = [[CSStoreRegion alloc] initWithStoreIdentifier: storeID];
              CSStoreArrivalTracker * storeArrivalTracker = [CSStoreArrivalTracker sharedArrivalTracker];
              storeArrivalTracker.arrivalStoreRegion = storeRegion;
              storeArrivalTracker.locationUpdateHandler = ^ (NSArray * userLocationUpdates) {
                // Process User location updates in the app.