We’ve made store pickup seamless

Easy implementation for you, and an even easier experience for your customers. Here’s how it works.

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    Receive Orders

    Your customers' orders are received instantly on the Curbside Merchant Console, which runs on smart devices in your stores.

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    Prepare Orders

    Employees select orders for picking from an in-bound queue, which shows customer ETA for prioritization. The employees pick list is generated from the orders they've accepted. Customers are automatically sent a notification when their order is completed and ready to be picked up.


Delight Shoppers upon Arrival

Curbside uses the customer's smartphone in the background to provide seamless, real-time arrival detection. Store associates meet happy customers at the curb with their order.

Easy pickup for your shoppers and streamlined fulfillment for your employees

  • Great customer experience without waiting, texting, or calling the store on arrival
  • No construction, kiosks, dedicated parking stalls, or call boxes
  • The Curbside Merchant Console alerts staff when customers are approaching
  • Pick and pack efficiency, based on shopper arrival data
  • Proven solution used by top U.S. retailers
  • Professional services on-boarding best practices for operations and store roll-out
  • Retail intelligence through analytics and store level performance metrics

A proven retail solution built for the era of mobile commerce

Proven innovators, Curbside engineers previously worked on Apple's iOS, Siri, Core Location, Google Maps, and more. Years of accumulated know-how have crafted the Curbside Hosted Retail Solution, defining the path to the future of instant mobile commerce.

  • Curbside Console

    The Curbside Merchant Console runs on your stores' handheld devices and is easy to set up. It hooks into existing retailer systems for real-time inventory management and on-the-go notifications.

  • Curbside Mobile App

    Customers can shop using the Curbside app. It's easy to set up, convenient and free for your customer to use, and orders and payments are all handled in-app. That means no cash, no stored credit cards, and no waiting.

  • Curbside SDK

    Your development team can easily add the Curbside solution to your customer and employee-facing app and website using the Curbside SDK. The Curbside SDK is compatible with your existing back-end systems and scales seamlessly to your peak times.

Advanced analytics platform providing deeper insight into shopper behavior and preferences

Our secret to measuring success? Curbside Analytics helps you gain a better understanding of your consumers, products, store, and employees through quantitative data analysis.

The Curbside Hosted Retail Solution

Curbside provides retailers an end-to-end hosted solution for commerce on-the-go. Curbside’s powerful platform connects accurate local search, efficient order management and precise arrival notification to help grow your business.

  • Arrival Detection

    Know when your shopper is arriving, every time. Curbside's Arrival Detection technology uses the customer's smartphone to reliably alert store associates when they are arriving, without draining the customer's battery.

  • Order Management

    Curbside has a fully-integrated order management solution for retailers. Fast, efficient, fully featured, and built for flexible fulfillment.

  • Pick and Pack

    The Curbside pick and pack solution puts customer orders into a queue for associates to fill in stores. Fast, easy to use, and flexible, the solution uses the shopper's location and travel pattern for pickup prioritization.

  • Local Product Search

    Curbside indexes millions of product SKUs, providing fast product search capabilities based on constantly updating inventory feeds. This is available to retailers needing a fast local product search across stores.

  • Recommendations and Substitutions

    When an item is found to be out of stock, Curbside's platform automatically recommends an alternate product. Curbside can also recommend products based on a customer's purchase history.

  • Inventory and
    Catalog ETL

    Curbside easily assesses catalog and inventory systems to create a real-time model of in-stock products. Using historical trends and real-time shelf checks, we can hide products that are likely to be out of stock.

  • Same-day Delivery Logistics

    Curbside enables same-day delivery in more than 40 U.S. markets via integrations with Uber, Postmates, and other same-day providers. Know when drivers are approaching the store for a seamless handoff.

No app? No problem.

Don't have a mobile app? No worries. Your customers can use the Curbside app to shop your store on their mobile device. If you already have a mobile app, you can easily add our technology with the Curbside SDK.