Curbside SDK Evaluation Download
In order to access and use the Curbside SDK and associated software for evaluation purposes, you must first accept the Curbside SDK Evaluation License Agreement (the “Agreement”), which sets forth the terms that will govern your use of the SDK for evaluation purposes, and can be reviewed by clicking the SDK Evaluation License Agreement link below. In order to access and download the SDK, you must indicate your acceptance of and agreement to the Agreement by checking the box marked “I agree” below. The SDK will only be made available to prospective licensees who check “I agree” and thereby execute and become bound by the Agreement. If you are unwilling or unable to be bound by this Agreement, or if you do not have the authority to accept the Agreement on behalf of (and thereby bind) the licensee that will be evaluating the SDK, do not check the “I agree” box and do not download or access the SDK or any associated Curbside software.